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Creative co-working space inspired
by Mastercard, ProCredit and Quipu

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What is HIVE ROOM?

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Included Amenities

Working Desks Icon
Working Desks
Lounge Areas Icon
Lounge Areas
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Hot Drinks
Spacious Kitchen Icon
Spacious Kitchen
Private Lockers Icon
Private Lockers
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Phone Booths

Hive Room space is limited to 6 persons working as individuals or a team Orange Circle Icon

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Hive Room is a place where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of working in peace and quiet, but also, productively interact with people, work in a group and brainstorm.
If you're searching for a co-working space that combines creativity, productivity, and quality, look no further than the Hive Room.
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How to become a part of HIVE ROOM?

Choose the way you apply, whether as a start-up business or a freelancer, fill out the form and submit your application.

Someone from our team will contact you for further information.