Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of ProCredit Bank AD Skopje

Customer care and their privacy is a priority at ProCredit Bank AD Skopje.

The Privacy Policy provides information about the way we collect, maintain and manage the necessary personal data when visiting our official website and/or when using any of our banking services.

Our work is based on mutual trust with customers. Trust and data protection are one of the basic principles on which the work of the bank is based. While using our internet services you can enter personal data, for example your name and/or residential address, as well as other identification information.

In addition, you can visit our website to get information without the bank having information about the person in question. The bank stores information sent by your search engine which cannot be directly attributed to identified or identifiable persons. This data will be used for statistical purposes only. As an individual user, you will remain anonymous. Additional information on using the website and creating log files can be found here

The use of your data is in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection and other applicable laws and bylaws. All personal information is encrypted in transit to prevent their misuse by third parties. Your personal information is processed and used solely for the purpose of checking and enforcing a contract or as part of acting upon a request submitted to the bank by you.

Your personal data will be transferred to third parties only with your consent or if the bank is legally obliged to do so. You can withdraw the consent at any time with a future effect. More about the procedure can be found in the ProCredit’s Bank Data Protection notice.


If you have questions about the protection and storage of personal data, you can contact our Personal Data Protection Officer directly at:

Jasmina Karadinovska


Contact phone: + 389 2321 95 95

Upon request submitted by you, the bank within the legally stipulated period will provide you with access to personal data relating to you, which the bank stores and processes in accordance with law.

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