The ProCredit group comprises financial institutions, which provide banking services in transition economies and developing countries and ProCredit Bank in Germany. ProCredit banks are responsible banks. we aim to:

  • be the house bank of choice for the small and medium-sized enterprises which create jobs and drive economic development, and
  • provide secure, fair and transparent savings and banking services to people who are looking for an affordable bank they can trust.
    The history of the ProCredit group is a rich one and forms the basis of what we are today. The first ProCredit banks were founded more than a decade ago with the aim of making a development impact by providing loans to help small business to grow and offering deposit facilities that would encourage lower-income individuals and families to save. The group has grown strongly over the years, and today we are one of the leading providers of banking services to small business clients in most of the countries in which we operate. 

On the following link, you will find the relevant contact information of the ProCredit Group (link).