Support for buying your new car
Eco offer for electric/ hybrid cars


  • 3,75% fixed interest rate
  • Collateral – the car which is in process of buying
  • 0% down payment
  • 0% disbursement fee
  • Maturity up to 5 years
Offer for other cars


  • 5% fixed interest rate with collateral – the car which is in process of buying
  • 5,5% fixed interest rate without collateral
  • 0% down payment
  • 1% disbursement fee
  • Maturity up to 5 years
Application for car loan

Leave us your contact and expect our call in order to help you choose the most appropriate credit product for your needs

Precondition for approval of this loan is regular monthly income of MKD 30.000/ EUR 500

Consent to the rules and conditions I responsibly claim, under moral, material and criminal responsibility, that the data stated in the request are true. I agree that the above data will be processed by ProCredit Bank AD. Skopje for the needs of electronic request for car loan. In the event that a business relationship with the Bank does not occur, I agree to delete them from the Bank's base.

Currency Maximum loan amount Maximum term Annual interest rate
  nominal interest RTE
MKD/EUR   5 years 3,75% - electric/hybrid 3.89%
  5% - pledge of the new car 5.65%
1.800.000 den / 30.000 eur 5,5% - when another insurance is taken 6.18%
On-line application and processing of the request
Response to the request within 1 day from the completion of the documentation
A car loan is a dedicated loan for purchase of a new vehicle
Commission for payment 1% or min. 4.500 den.
Loan application 850 den.
commission for early payment without commission
Without own participation  
Insurance Vehicle subject to a purchase/solemnized contract